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Size Guide

Chain length

We offer
Lengths of chains. This example is based on a neck circumference of 35 cm. If your neck circumference is larger, simply order the next size up.
30-40 cm – close to the neck line.
40-50 cm – in the upper chest area
50-60 cm – in the upper chest area
60-70 cm – in the lower chest area (or as a double chain)
Custom lengths of chain can always be ordered apon request. Please note, that delivery times for this may vary.

Ring size

To determine your ring size determine, please place one of your rings on a centimeter measure. Then please read the inner diameter.
This measurement will give you the ring size.
If “your measurement” is between two sizes, please order the larger version.
1. Measure your ring size in the early morning or evening at normal temperatures.
2. There will be a difference in fingers size between your right & left hand. Measure the ring size on the finger you want to wear the ring.