Sustainability | CF Atelier | Goldschmiede in Rheinbach


How we design

manufacturing takes place in our studio in Rheinbach and is carried out by
highly qualified
: inside
carried out.
In this process, we do not pre-make any jewelry, but start working only after we receive your order.
This allows us to make sure we don’t waste unnecessary resources and stays true to our mission of sustainable goldsmithing. Slow
is our top priority.
Our jewelry pieces are a step
against the throwaway society
and back to customization. They are jewels for eternity.

Our precious metals

We use recycled silver or gold in each of our jewelry pieces. Precious metals have the unique advantage of being reusable. They can be melted down again and again in an endless cycle (approx. 10% material loss).

We have been working with a local refinery for two decades. This brings us one step closer to a Circular Economy!

For this reason, we also do not work with gold plating/silver plating, as with these the melting of the jewelry is often not possible at all or only with difficulty.

Our Gemstones & Pearls

Beauty can be found in everything and we believe there is a special beauty in giving materials a second life. Pearls and gemstones are wonders of nature and last for centuries. Therefore, many of our gemstones and beads are vintage.

Furthermore, we are buying new ones. Our dealers are all local and we have been working with you for over two decades. They are all accredited (e.g. ICA) and guarantee fair and safe working conditions.


For two decades we have been working with a family company that produces packaging made from recycled and FSC certified cardboard.

Our packaging is of such high quality that it can be reused for decades and perfectly protect your jewelry. At home or even when traveling!

We use recycled cardboard and recycled filler to ship our jewelry.

Packaging is constantly evolving and we are always looking for new, even more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives.

Our core values


Each piece of jewelry is made by hand and with love in our studio. The
is our highest priority and requires a long
training and
an eye for detail and a great deal of precision. Each of our pieces is therefore unique.


Craftsmanship & sustainability are inseparable for us, so every decision in our studio is made with the most sustainable approach. Our goal is
it, luxury
and craftsmanship back to its original
meaning: We create jewelry for eternity.

Recycled materials

Precious metals have the unique
advantage of always
to be melted down again. Therefore, we use only 100% recycled silver & gold. Our gemstones/beads are either
or from certified German dealers.

100% recycled silver & gold

We only use 100% recycled silver & gold in our jewelry.