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Material & Care

For us quality is directly linked to our products being made by hand. We attach great importance to impeccable quality. Our jewellery is made to be enjoyed for a lifetime.
Since buying one of our high quality and sustainable jewellery pieces is a lifetime purchase, it should be treated in the best possible way.

If you observe the following rules, your piece of jewelry will last a lifetime but will not age a second.

1. Take off your jewelry before showering, sunbathing, going to the sauna (risk of burns) and before going to bed.

2. Do you applaud? Then make sure that the rings do not meet to avoid unsightly scratches and dents.
Caution: Stones can also become loose due to the impact.

3. Pearls are very vulnerable to external factors. Therefore, perfume, hairspray and cream should be applied before putting on the pearls and other jewelry.

Jewellery will show its age through use.

In order to keep your jewellery looking like new, come to us at regular intervals or send us your jewellery (with prior arrangement). We check the mountings of the stones and clean and polish it for you.